We know how much you love your pets. We also know how frightening it is to lose them. ZPetAlert is here to help.

ZPetAlert is the premiere safety device designed track your dog, cat or any pet that wears a collar and instantly notify owners the moment they may have become lost.

What is ZPetAlert®?

The panic when a pet goes missing is something no owner wants to experience. ZPetAlert® is a tracking device that instantly notifies owners if a pet has escaped home or become lost. ZPetAlert puts time on your side. Without it, a pet could roam for hours or even days before an owner realizes they’re gone.

How do you use it?

Our small, high-tech pendant slips onto your pet’s collar and is activated with the push of a button. If your pet wanders even a little out of range of your home, an instant notification is sent to any phone, anywhere and to as many people as you want.

How does it work?

With state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, an adjustable coverage radius available on select phones, combined with a 4-year battery life, ZPetAlert offers the highest level of security with unparalleled convenience for pet owners.

What does it work with?

ZPetAlert® works with Android OS 10 and up. It also works with Apple iOS 14.0 and up.

Our Mission

A lost pet does not have to be a traumatic, or permanent, experience. ZPetAlert® rescues pets and saves lives by combining trouble-free, secure, location technology with 4-year reliability and the speed to react instantly if your pet escapes. This is a value no other pet safety device can provide at a one-time low cost.

Where does ZPetAlert work? Anywhere!

The great thing about ZPetAlert is you can set it up anywhere. At home, on vacation, at the park, getting coffee, at the gym, the dog park, anywhere! Here’s how protection can easily be configured through the ZPetAlert app:

Don’t worry, most phones and tablets are compatible and, even better, the phone or tablet that stays home does not need cellular service! In this situation, you can use an unused phone collecting dust as your home base station, or a tablet that always stays home can provide protection (you would need cellular service only for the phones you would want to receive instant alerts). Remember, instant alerts can be sent to anyone you choose, including neighbors, who can use the free ZPetAlert app to help relocate a pet before it’s too late!

ZPetAlert vs GPS

While GPS tracking devices have some uses, they are far from a "silver bullet" to protect your pets. GPS has weaknesses. Many GPS pet-tracking devices are costly 💵 and require constant recharging 🔋. ZPetAlert provides the highest level of protection with the greatest amount of convenience. Visit our Indiegogo site to learn more and to get a limited-time discount!

If you’re here, you’ve likely experienced the fear of losing a furry friend or are worried it may happen to you. ZPetAlert was created to protect pets and give owners peace of mind; providing a high level of protection with the simplicity of a one-button setup.

The statistics concerning lost pets are overwhelming: American Humane estimates 10 million pets are lost or stolen annually, 1 in 3 pets go missing at some point in their lives, and millions of lost pets are euthanized every year. 56% of dogs and 71% of cats that enter animal shelters are euthanized. Only about 22% of lost dogs that entered animal shelters were reunited with their families.

The first thing the American Humaine Society recommends when you lose a pet: Act Fast

ZPetAlert puts time on your side. Without it, a pet could roam free for hours or even days before an owner realizes they’re gone.

Bob Samara, Vietnam K-9 Point Man

“In the jungle, we had to know where our dogs were every second to keep them protected. Danger was everywhere. With ZPetAlert, feel confident and secure knowing your pet won’t get far without you knowing immediately.”

The real-life story of these courageous dogs and their handlers like Mr. Samara were documented in the movie War Dogs.

How Does It Work?

Instant Alerts and How They Work:

The technology in ZPetAlert is complex and state-of-the-art, but its function is simple. It works like a switch. Connect ZPetAlert to any phone or tablet via Bluetooth 5.0 with the push of a button and the free ZPetAlert app. This wireless connection covers a range of approximately 200-300 feet, the radius of 1 to 2 typical single-family homes. If your pet wearing ZPetAlert breaks that wireless range, the switch activates. You’ll be sent an instant alert, like the photo above, empowering an owner to act immediately and make a safe recovery much more likely.

What if my pet is lost? How does ZPetAlert help find it? Turn on 'Lost Mode'

In the event you’ve received an instant alert, your pet wearing ZPetAlert has wandered out of range of your connected phone or tablet, open the ZPetAlert app and activate “Lost Mode”. Your phone or tablet will now turn into a lost-pet detector. When “Lost Mode” is activated, any compatible phone or tablet with the free ZPetAlert app will also become a lost-pet detector; meaning family members, friends and neighbors can all assist in recovery by simply downloading the app. You’ll receive another instant alert when your pet is back within the 200-300 foot range, where your pet will likely be close enough to spot and recover.

Our goal is to build a network of millions of ZPetAlert app users, producing a community where lost pets can be found in any neighborhood worldwide within minutes, reuniting owners with their best friends, and preventing euthinasia for those that are never recovered.

How does ZPetAlert compare to an AirTag or Tile?

Apple specifically recommends to NOT use its device to track pets. AirTags have been connected to thefts and do not provide instant alerts if your pet may have run away. This means your best friends will be left vulnerable to time, the environment, vehicle traffic and extreme weather. Tile’s instant alert feature costs users a monthly fee, so over time users will pay more when compared to ZPetAlert. ZPetAlert is also specifically designed for pets (dustproof and weather resistant) and gives owners instant notification in the event they may have run away. Meaning you can react to the situation immediately and dramatically increase the likelihood your pet is recovered safely... with no monthly fees.

Why don’t you use GPS to pinpoint location?

Battery life and cost

GPS location is an amazing technology, but it requires power. A lot of it. GPS devices require charging every 1-2 weeks. If the battery dies while an owner is away, or you simply forget to charge it, your protection is lost and the device is useless. Protection is also lost during the time a GPS device is being charged. With a 4-year battery life, ZPetAlert provides the highest level of protection, combined with the greatest amount of convenience. No recharging is necessary! Lastly, GPS can also be costly. Pet GPS devices can charge monthly fees for location, while ZPetAlert is a one-time low cost.

Is it secure? Extremely secure.

ZPetAlert was developed over a number of years with security as our number one priority. All location information is encrypted so no one will know a pet’s location, except the phone or tablet paired directly with the ZPetAlert pendant. If the ZPetAlert switch is activated after a pet roams out of range, only the people selected to receive instant alerts will be notified of the pet’s last known location to assist in recovery.

When will ZPetAlert be available for purchase?

Let’s be clear, we’re a company motivated by keeping pets united with their owners, not by dollars and cents. Our product will launch on Indiegogo when know it’s perfect! We are currently in the prototype phase. We are actively testing and updating our device and expect it to be available in 2022. Availability will be limited! Enter your information on our contact page to be the first to receive product updates on ZPetAlert.